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Breaker of ships

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"One of the most inventive and truly heartbreaking musicians at work today it is almost impossible to find reasonable comparison but as a reference for intrigued or curious uninitiated think Scott Walker meets Coil meets Robert Wyatt. And yet also so much more; think of a reference point and Grey will already have moved on in his search for the perfect midnight song. (...) One is almost left breathless after hearing this album; it feels like witnessing an epic storyline from beginning to end (...) As near perfect an album as you will hear" - THE ACTIVE LISTENER

"This is a very strong electronic prog album, full of great music, highly recommended" - TERRASCOPE

Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra's fifth album, Breaker Of Ships, is a collection of 8 songs about unhealthy thinking, recorded between Paris and Berlin by Nick Grey, Louis Pontvianne, and Peter James. Featuring a remix by Robin Rimbaud's Scanner

You're mine again

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"The sound of a breaking heart could rarely be heard as crisply as on this record" - SPEX MAGAZIN

"Opulent yet damaged, the album presents an entirely new form of torch song; one that holds experimental and fiercely individual touches and yet also weeps over some of the most unique, human and truly alive music you will hear this year" - THE ACTIVE LISTENER

"Increasingly seductive with each listen" - THE SOUND PROJECTOR

Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra's fourth album, marking the start of Nick's collaboration with bassist Louis Pontvianne. “You’re Mine Again” features 9 songs about the folly of passion, the biological tyranny of lust and more generally, all kinds of romantically-induced states of agitation. The album was recorded between 2012 and 2014 by the following line-up: Nicolai Riccardo Grey, Louis Pontvianne, Sarah Maison, Boyarin, Jennifer Jo Oakley and Peter James. 

Spin vows under arch

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"Nothing short of marvellous - Nick Grey is quickly becoming the most brilliant absent mind in the music industry." - MXDWN

Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra's third album, originally released in 2008 on Beta Lactam Ring Records and featuring collaborations with Charlemagne Palestine, Martyn Bates, Kris Force, Richard Moult, Jean Mathoul, Matthew Shaw and Jessica Constable. 

Thieves among Thorns

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"There’s little point in describing each song that Nick Grey has brought before us on this exceptional album. Suffice to say, nothing is out of place and nothing stands out except ALL of it, yet it is neither an album of songs nor an album of purely experimental works, the record standing shamanically and entirely successfully at the doorway between both genres" - JULIAN COPE

"Thieves Among Thorns is one of the best albums I have heard in years - one of my favorite albums Dark Holler Hand/Eye has ever released (...) Enchanting and haunting in all the right ways. My highest recommendation. - TIMOTHY RENNER

"This is brilliant and dark music" - FOXY DIGITALIS


Nick Grey's second album, mostly recorded solo, originally released in 2006 on Timothy Renner's Hand / Eye label. Now available again, in a new version remastered by Peter James in 2016 to celebrate the album's ten-year anniversary. 

Regal Daylight                                                  
Regal Daylight 

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"Eccentric and highly literary" - THE WIRE

Nick Grey & The Random Orchestra's first album, recorded in Nick's bedroom and self-released in 2004. 


2013. Scanner & 48 Cameras - We Could Bring You Silk In May (Interzone)

2013. Various Artists - For Tom Carter (Compilation)

2012. 48 Cameras - "Right North", She Said (Interzone)

2010. 230 Divisadero - The Silent Watcher (Apollolaan)

2009. 230 Divisadero - The Breather Key (Apollolaan)

2007. The Candlelight Eyes EP (Barl Fire Recordings)

2007. 230 Divisadero - S/t (Locust Music)

2007. Empusae & Nick Grey - Simple Black Lines In A Diagram (3" cd, Brume Records)

2006. 230 Divisadero - A Vision of Lost Unity (Milk & moon recordings)


2006. °catlandgrey° - S/t (Milk & moon recordings

2006. Les Eaux Territoriales (Milk & moon recordings)

2001. L'Eglise Du Mouvement Péristaltique Inversé - S/t (Brume Records)

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